27 Feb 2012

Easily Setup and Configure Websites with AMPPS

Posted by Chris

I just heard about AMPPS from Softaculous and decided to give it a try.  It is basically everything you need to set up and deploy over 259 of the best free and open source software.  It runs with the Apache Web Server, MySQL, PHP, Perl and Python, but all you have to do is run the easy installer and pick what you want.

There are multiple options for everything from Blogs and Forums to  Database Tools and E-Commerce.  It is just as simple to install a WordPress site or set up a new ERP or Social Networking site.  There are so many categories of applications that are included that you can find at least one that suits your needs.

If nothing else, it is good to see the list of open source software that is available for people to use.  I found a few that I had never heard of that I am looking forward to trying out.

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